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Residential Construction Costs: An Update Heading into 2021!

What a year! Covid impacted the residential construction market in ways that took many of us by big surprise. After a month of paralysis in March 2020 when the magnitude of the pandemic settled in, builders quickly figured out safe ways to keep working, and home-owners starting acting on their need to add space to their homes. Demand has spiked for additions, remodels, and even for people building new homes in outer areas now that they foresee working remotely over the long-term. This increased demand along with historically low interest rates has fueled a boom in residential construction that doesn’t show any sign of abating any time soon. At the same time however, temporary shut-downs of factories and lumber mills in the early days of the pandemic caused a shortage of building materials. This, followed by increased demand on these same materials, has caused a huge rise in costs….most notable is the extreme increase in lumber costs. Availability of materials has also slowed down: factories have slowed production, and component parts are back-ordered, creating frustrating delays in construction schedules.

Kirkland seattle Mid Century Modern Remodel open kitchen and dining room, vaulted exposed wood ceiling, custom kitchen island, folding door onto patio.

Gathering Space!

Thanksgiving is, without a doubt, the largest eating holiday of the year, so we are taking a look at what makes a great gathering space. From the hustle and bustle …

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Courtyard rendering AWB Positive Action for Haiti presentation at CTA Design Builders


The Gonaives Children’s Home & Teaching Farm Buzz and his dedicated Architects Without Borders design team recently presented their initial concepts to our nonprofit clients Positive Action for Haiti. This …

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Seattle architecture new cottage addition - in progress

New Cottage Addition

It’s nice to see this front yard addition coming along! When the owners of a small single story cottage in a Central District area, which was surrounded by traditional homes, …

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“Home is where one starts from” – T.S.Eliot

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