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Old Capitol Hill Classic with a Contemporary Refresh

When our clients purchased this gorgeous, old four square home in a leafy central Seattle neighbourhood, they knew it would be their “forever” home. It had been remodeled over the years in ways that were now sadly dated, but the bones of the home showing its classic origins were well intact. Our work was cut out for us to uncover and reveal the best parts of the original home, then refresh the home with contemporary styling where appropriate. The design process began with understanding the value of what was existing and worth keeping. It needed a lot of work, and we knew from the start that it was crucial to restore and respect the historic elements of the house. The hardwood floor inlays, beautiful millwork throughout the home, and abundant windows and high ceilings were all very important elements to express. But the owners also wanted to introduce a very modern, clean element

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Northwest Mid-Century Remodel Finishes Construction

We were honored once again to work on another Paul Kirk house remodel this last year – this one in the Innis Arden neighborhood just north of Seattle. The mid-century home is set on a high slope with panoramic views of Puget Sound over beautifully landscaped gardens. As we’ve mentioned in our mid-century blogs, Paul Kirk was a much-lauded and classic, mid-century Seattle architect, setting the bar for quintessential Northwest-style residential architecture in the 50's and 60's. This home is one of the best and intact examples of his work we’ve seen. The heavy-timber post and beam structure of the house is clearly expressed both inside and out with huge sheets of glass between all structural elements, including transom windows continuing right up to the tongue and groove ceiling. The west-facing side of the home is nearly fully glazed, allowing a plentiful supply of natural light into the home and letting out onto patios

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Seattle DADU Juliette balcony

A New DADU Ready for Tenants!

This new backyard cottage (DADU - Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit) is recently completed.  It is 800 square feet with two bedrooms and 1-1/2 baths on the lower level;  the kitchen, eating and living areas are on the main floor with a space-enhancing cathedral ceiling, good south light along with amazing views including Mt Rainier!  There’s dedicated parking and screen-wall fencing to ensure a privacy between the main house and the DADU. DADU’s are on the rise as a means of providing additional housing in our increasingly crowded city. Besides the special zoning rules for DADU’s, the Seattle City Council is about to approve legislation to both encourage and ease the permitting of such structures.  Read about DADU’s in another post from our blog and come back or sign up to receive updates!            

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These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things!

What's on your wish list this year? After schematics are fairly solidified (and sometimes even before!), homeowners should begin to look at what they want to put into their new home or remodel in terms of appliances, tile, stone, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and accessories like towel bars and cabinet pulls - all of which go into a "spec", or specification, document. Depending on the homeowner, finding all of these in a matter of months can be anything from a dream shopping trip to a daunting task. For everyone's sake, we thought we would compile a list of our top five favorite places to go in each category to help owners fill out their spec. To start with though, if you haven't already, visit Houzz.com to browse and collect in your own folders images of any kind of style or feature or detail that you can imagine. Houzz offers millions of home images that will kick your

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