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Bunker - North View

Design Behind the Lake House Remodel - Blog #1

CTA Design Builders is in the midst of a 3-story home remodel on Lake Washington belonging to a big, energetic family. The home has a unique history: originally built in Kirkland in the early 1900's it was transported by barge to it's current location by its previous owner, who also added a large addition - but which grew into a rabbit warren of rooms.  Our remodel efforts have been fueled by the owners' desire for space that's more open and communal; they want to be able to eat, play, and live seamlessly between the water, yard, and interior... to blur the boundaries between inside and out, and to do away with level changes and stairs between their living areas and the water's edge. Eschewing normal architectural layouts, we mixed-up the floor order! The garage and front door/entry areas remain at street level, but once inside, the house will dramatically open up on the upper level of a 2-story space looking down to open living/dining/kitchen areas on the lower lake

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Kingston Master Plan - The Lodge House is in Construction!

CTA Design completed a two-phase master plan for a home in the woods in Kingston, on the Kitsap peninsula, a few summers back and we have just received photos of Phase 1 almost complete!The original design included a site plan for a two story home with finished basement, a detached 3-bay garage, and a full studio with kitchen and plumbing above. In the ensuing changes, the project split into two phases so our clients could live in the studio until they were ready to build the home. This changed our garage to a 4-bay garage for a workshop and second lavatory, while expanding the large shed dormer on the roof for better light transmittance and headroom shown in the photo below. Main House: Garage: The home itself is contemporary, but influenced by the historic mountain lodges in the National Parks, such as Paradise on Mount Rainier and the WPA Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood in Oregon.

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How to Choose Color for your Home Remodel

Home Architecture Tips: #3 in a Series of Design Tips from a Seattle Architect. During a remodel, choosing colors is usually quite a different experience than when simply decorating, or designing. Instead of focusing on a wall color from the start, we usually get pins, clippings, and general ideas to pull from which helps us narrow a palette to what makes our client feel comfortable (in their home). Usually the big decision starts out as a time of terror for our clients, but they soon realize that color is an opportunity for creativity and self-expression - in fact, one of the most fun parts of our interior design work is when the time comes to select the paint! So how do you start? We suggest several criteria to consider when putting together your palette. First, think about how you feel comfortable in your home. Color has a direct affect on how you feel; it can promote calm and peace, boisterous laughter and rowdiness, restraint and orderliness, and

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Dare to Downsize: Edmonds Remodel

A common misconception about home remodels is that they are for expansion and grandeur; in reality, the goal of many of our remodels is to create a better fitting home environment, and sometimes that even means downsizing! Our clients had purchased this modest rambler in Edmonds a few years earlier and were renting it out until they were ready to simplify their lifestyle and move towards retirement. Once their children were launched, we embarked on a design effort to transform the house into a Japanese-style tea retreat. The result was a full remodel incorporating aging-in-place strategies such as having no steps (only one minimal step at the entry), wide doors for walkers if needed, easy access to the gardens, and a walk-in shower, etc. Although both spouses continue to work, the goal is to have this be the owners last abode; the toughest task was for them to pare down their lifelong accumulation of belongings as required by such a reduction in house size! Although the house retains

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