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Why Architect Led Design Build?


We get questions from potential clients as to why we think our “master builder” model for residential design and construction is best.  So although we’re tooting our own horn, here’s the answers!

Design, Building & Remodeling

Skilled Architects as your designers:  As compared to many other designers, we are architects, with years of graduate school training, an additional interior design degree, a long internship, then tested and licensed by the State – all along with our 20 plus years each of design experience.  Our designs & research have been published in books and articles and acknowledged by our peers.  Plus, as builders, we have real time first hand knowledge of building costs, of materials and methods, so throughout the process we are aware of budget and thus there are no surprises when those estimates come in.  We even guarantee it!

Green Strategies:  We are up to date on sustainable and Green Building strategies and certifications, having even designed solar and wind assisted structures pre-dating this current wave of interest.  Such structures included houses and greenhouses, under an umbrella of whole systems thinking.

Size matters:  As compared to many large contractors, we are small and nimble and able to adjust to changing situations with lower overheads.  Yet compared to very small contractors, we have the resources and the back up to do any kind of project.  We are established and will continue to be here to take care of our clients long after their project is finished.

Best prices and best skills:   Regarding prices, even as Design-Build, we nevertheless bid out all the work to our reliable stable of subcontractors and suppliers, so our clients get the lowest costs for their projects, using top quality materials and highly skilled labor.  We do the carpentry unless there are others who can do it faster and better, such as a framing crew framing a new large house.

Always a designer on the job:  As experienced and skilled architects and builders, we are able to respond to existing and unusual conditions immediately.  Often the designer has drawn up the plans and is no longer involved in the project, but on our jobs we are always there, and we can immediately take advantage of whatever situation arises with the eye of the architect and the skill of the builder.  This is important, especially in a remodel, as you don’t want an untrained contractor making design decisions!  Nor do you want decisions made without regard to the budget – so as the builder, designer, and contractor, we have all the bases covered.

Flexibility in design, scheduling, budgeting:  Since we design, budget, and build, we’re in a position to be flexible as to how BEST to get our clients’ needs taken care of.  We can create a design that can meet a budget. We can create a design that can be done over time or in phases.  We can configure the project so parts of the work done by the owner or his/her own forces.  And to top it off, our books and processes are always open to our clients.

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