The Importance of Thoughtful Interior Design

The Importance of Thoughtful Interior Design

As observers and creators of our built-environment we get truly excited when all the pieces come together to create a harmonious space from outside to in. So, what is it about these spaces that make them work? Thoughtful Interior Design is not unlike a mathematical equation, where A+I = great space, where A is the Architecture and I is the Interior Design. Good Interior Design is a deep understanding of how to select and use materials, finishes, textures, color, light and more! Too often, when it comes to interior design these elements fall short and the whole building suffers. Whether building a new home or remodel, doing a room refresh or building out a retail/restaurant space, utilizing the knowledge and resources of both an architect and interior designer can make the difference between a good project and a GREAT project! Take a look at some of these examples of interior spaces and detailing we have been working on at CTA, incorporating holistically the architecture, interior design and contracting. It’s the intimate knowledge of how all the many pieces come together, including the numerous interior pieces that really make the project a success! Cabinetry, built ins, trim details, tile selections, paint & stain colors, flooring patterns and selections, counter top materials, plumbing & lighting fixtures, etc. all have to be considered just as much as you consider the floor plan of your space.


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  1. One factor we take very seriously when putting interiors together is assisting owners in understanding and clarifying their own sense of style. The first task is for us to help you find the look that makes you feel like your home is an expression and extension of you. Often a client knows what kind of “look” they like, but has trouble articulating it, or knowing how to pull it together throughout the entire house. It’s extremely important to achieve this in order for your home to have that cohesive, well-designed feeling.

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