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Sage advice from the 2014 Seattle Home Show…


Home Show goers…
Do you find yourself dazzled by the glitzAIA-Home-Show-booth-Clink of hot trends and cool ideas, slathered in stickers and data sheets on everything from smart light bulbs to even smarter home security systems? Are you now “facebook-following” or “pinning” all kinds of contemporary glass and tile? And what about all those new high-tech home wizardry gadgets, gizmos and green things?
One question lingers… Would any of this stuff REALLY fit in your new home or remodel project?

That’s when you need an Architect.

Architects and Designers are the go-to professionals that can keep your major home design and improvement decisions on track and relevant to YOUR home vision. So often, the latest design trend may be strikingly beautiful, but its appeal and value may be lost if combined with other design elements that “conflict” or “dilute” the very thing you love about it.

Architects are objective. Architects are disciplined in the art of design. Architects are cool people who want you to love your home.


An architect does not care if your smart phone is controlling your smart light bulb. The architect DOES care if your lighting is designed correctly to illuminate the life space of your home. A good designer does not care if contemporary glass tiles are all the rage; trends come and go. A good designer will advise you whether or not a backsplash of that glass you love would truly brighten up your little 1930s Bungalow kitchen or perhaps a well-planned remodel would be a better investment. Architects and designers champion the task of taking the guesswork out of your home design project, protect you from costly mistakes, and deliver a well-designed project, whether it is a modest remodel, or a whole new home.

For more information on “Asking an Architect First!” and the whole design process, please visit Buzz or Julie at the AIA booth at the 2014 Seattle Home Show, or see Julie speak on this topic Thursday at 5pm. See you there!

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