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3 Must See Homes on Seattle’s Remodeled Homes Tour

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On October 20th and 21st, 2012, the King Country Master Builders Association is hosting its annual Remodeled Homes Tour. It’s a collection of Seattle’s finest remodeled homes, and it’s the best way to get inspiration for your own home, and meet some of Seattle’s top architects and builders.

At CTA Design Builders, we appreciate homes that are not only built with exceptional quality, but also showcase thoughtful design. For those of you eager to see a selection of homes that have both.

3 Must-See Homes on Seattle’s Remodeled Homes Tour

1. Stylish, Simple, and Functional Remodel in Kirkland

With just 2 bedrooms/1 bath, this modest 1950’s tract house was just big enough for this couple to keep their life uncomplicated while stationed in-town between their many outdoor adventures. But as lovers of pared-down efficiency and its inherent design beauty, their home needed work! Capitalizing on its mid-century-modern potential, walls and fussy trims were removed; the house now breathes large with light-filled, contemporary-hip spaces and edgy details! A mere 1,336sf functions beautifully and feels spacious!

See it on the tour at: 10614 NE 112th St, Kirkland, WA 

2. Grand and Inspiring Remodel in Seattle

Built by Bristol Design and Construction, this 1960’s home was renovated to have a mid-century modern feel and flow.

At 5,200 square feet, it’s a mammoth of a house complete with a ground spa, cave, waterfalls, and koi pond.

3. Classic and Modern in West Seattle

Built by Bellen Construction, this complete remodel created an open floor plan with a modernist feel that includes exposed structural steel frame and amazing windows to optimize its shoreline site. Extensive new cabinetry, steel fireplace fronts, stunning new finishes and fixtures complete this remarkable remodel.

Remember, the home tour is on the 20th and 21st of October – make sure to add it to your calendar. And if you want to meet with an architect and contractor on the home tour, contact CTA Design Builders, or see more information on the Remodeled Homes Tour website.

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