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The Art of the Bath, Inside and Out

A few months ago, Seattle Architects Buzz Tenenbom and Julie Campbell returned from their architecturally invigorating trip to Japan, with loads of fantastic slideshow photos and rich stories to share with us here at CTA Design Builders.

 Just recently, the highly addictive design website, Houzz, contacted Julie for an interview regarding, of all things, outdoor showers.

 But how are these events connected, you might ask?

Perhaps it was the inspiration she found while travelling to a land where the ancient practice of bathing is raised to a high art. Or possibly it is Julie’s keen ability to architecturally satisfy our desire to personally connect with the outdoors.  Or a little bit of both.

Historically, it’s an interesting cycle. The ancient Japanese practice of soaking outdoors in the steamy lemon-ginger fragrance of deep Hinoki tubs was an extraordinary sensory experience. So much so, that over time, these wonderful wooden tubs migrated into homes and the interior design of luxurious bathrooms and spas worldwide. Now, blending that same indoor – outdoor bathing experience, bath plumbing has once again migrated back outside providing a new rendition on an old theme, outdoor showers.

New outdoor shower ideas span all design concepts, from modest, functional wall showers for the quick-and-dirty spray-off, to surreal showers nestled between wet rock outcroppings to create the ultimate personal waterfall experience. One recurrent theme they all have in common: the uncommon ability to create sublime relaxation and a reconnection with the state of nature.  To read Julie’s comments on creating such an outside shower space, go to:


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