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Exploring Tokyo


Tokyo is unbelievably huge, but impressively easy to move around. The subway (METRO) system is vast and efficient, and we discover that each stop on the ring loop – the Yamanote Line – is a city unto itself, at least by our standards of size! Each seems to have its own distinct qualities, and we are enjoying exploring a couple each day.

I went off to Nippori this morning in search of Japanese fabrics, and discovered myself in an older working class neighborhood.

Japan photos 060

Dense urban development around the station, but within just a few blocks, the cityscape gives way to older, smaller streets lined with wall-to-wall shop fronts and dwellings, punctuated by 4 or 5 story quirky “modern” buildings that scream “unique architecture here”!

Japan photos 903   Japan photos 070


And every block or two, tucked in along the wall of the street is a roofed gate that opens into a temple or shrine. Usually there’s a lovely garden inside the gate, with the temple complex set back in behind. I can never resist pausing and looking into each of these oasis-like environments; the lush gardens and calm of the temple is such a contrast from the chaos of the streetscape.


As I grow more accustomed to this place, I realize that the fabric of this city, even with its crazy contrasts and juxtapositions, is actually a tapestry with real continuity. I start to get a sense of the patterns of major and minor streets, and what I’ll find where. I start to feel like I can know this place and feel oriented. And I notice that there is a real sense of neighborhood community within these streets.


I think this is what’s really important in successful city planning and architectural design: respect for the contextual fabric of a place enables people to know their environment and feel comfortable in it. Continuity of place seems to allow for a more cohesive community. I’m seeing it all around me, even in a city of 35 million people!

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