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Client Comments

“We are so glad that we chose CTA to remodel our house!! Julie and her team truly heard what we wanted, even when we couldn’t articulate it, and they used their skill, knowledge, and inspiration to create a design that we couldn’t be happier with. We moved back in 6 months ago, and still every day are delighted to live in this home that has been so thoughtfully designed.”

” …thanks for sharing all your experience, knowledge and tips; and to everyone for your patience and good will in addressing all our concerns and getting us through this project. We love the beautiful spaces CTA has created to keep this old house in good repair for future generations.”

View project – Queen Anne Foursquare

“Now, everyday when I enter my bedroom and bathroom, I can hardly believe it is mine! I feel like I’ve moved into a luxury hotel suite with beautiful finishes and thoughtful design. After living in our new space for almost a year, I can’t find a single thing I would change.”

View project – Northwest Mid-Century Classic

“I’ve almost come to take for granted the great pleasure I’ve had in working with you. What I don’t take for granted is all the hard work you’re putting in to keep the process on track. Thanks so much for your dedication!”

View project – New QA Classic

“Anne and I really enjoyed yesterday’s site meeting – absolutely fabulous job ! Anne couldn’t stop talking about the shower. The mantle is amazing as well and the masonry work is outstanding. Everyone’s craftsmanship and artistry is top rate. We very much appreciate all the hard work that goes into making the end result simply perfect. We look forward to enjoying the details for years to come.”

View project – River Run House

“A selling point to future customers could be that despite the depressed market, our house sold the day it was listed. Our agents were quite relieved since they thought it might have been overpriced because of some fire sales in the neighborhood but felt base on the style and quality of the finishes we should list it at the full price we received. The sale of the house has helped reestablish the market in the area.”

“Thanks to you all for your dedication, care, and consistent refusal to accept second best…”

“…and I walk with one who loves me, In a peaceful mood in the coolness Of this white house, in the peace That awaits our arrival, full of beauty.” From A House that Really will be Mine…a musical program prepared and performed by operatic clients!”

“We really love it: the light, the sight lines, the sound lines, the colors, the flow, and more!”

“Jonna and I were talking this week about how lovely the house is and how, even though it’s been transformed almost to the point of no longer being recognizable as the same place, it still feels like home.”

View project – Thornton Creek Retreat

“I just wanted to jot a quick note to say thanks. The house is looking great! We pretty much like everything, but a few things really stand out for us: the kitchen, which is very important to us since we are foodies, looks fantastic. The design is great & the cabinet maker did an excellent job. We are also very pleased with the tile and the fact that it is on an angle. Good call Buzz! We almost threw the angle out to save $$, but am glad Pete found someone who’s bid made it work. We like the quality of the work. This is probably the most important thing for me. My view is, ‘Looks can be deceiving, what lies underneath is actually more important’. So many thanks to Pete, Brett & the rest of the crew.”

View project – Blue Ridge Lookout

“WOW! CTA did it! You guys are terrific. We love our new house, and think of you every day with appreciation!”

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