Seattle Architects Julie Campbell and Buzz The Team | CTA Design Builders IncTenenbom started their unique collaboration of art and pragmatism, CTA Design Builders Inc., in 1991. Since its inception, they have achieved success in creating living spaces that are functional, beautiful and a joy to inhabit!

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Julie Campbell, AIA, earned her Bachelors Degree in Interior Design from the University of Manitoba and her Masters in Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has designed buildings and interiors for residential clients since 1981. Julie’s architectural design work is noted for its creative space-planning and inventive use of materials, colour and detail to create a mood you will want to live with every day. Julie has also been a painter for many years, and incorporates her love of the outdoors into her artwork.

Buzz Tenenbom | CTA Design Builders Inc | Staff ArchitectBuzz Tenenbom, AIA, a Washington architect and general contractor since 1981, has researched, published and taught on the subject of the symbiotic relationship between buildings and the environment. Buzz is your liaison and project manager, individually shepherding your project through the entire design and build process. His design skills and architectural background provide you with an understanding of the critical importance of the aesthetics of your project. His hands-on experience as a contractor and builder assures you of intelligent and resourceful use of your time and money.

Andrew Phillips, Architectural DesignerAndrew has been an architectural designer since 1999 and is working toward licensure in the State of Washington. He has a background in fine arts, commercial and residential design, and construction. He lives in Seattle with his wife and two girls and is an avid cyclist and competitive rower.

Nicole McKernan, Architectural Intern Nicole received her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of Washington recently and is working towards becoming a licensed architect. She assists in the design process, drafting, marketing and the day to day needs of our growing company. In her spare time, she enjoys heading out to hike the Cascades for a weekend or exploring the city by bike.

Charlie, Office Dog Charlie spends rainy days with us here in the office, keeping us in good humor no matter what the weather or intensity of construction. Charlie is known and loved by more people than anyone we know!