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2009 Remodeled Homes Tour – The Aftermath!

Thank you to everybody that was able to stop by our remodel project on Saturday and Sunday. In the two days of the Tour, we had almost 300 visitors! Even the rainy and windy Saturday wouldn’t keep people away from this very special project in Queen Anne, which said to us how much people are craving good, sustainable design to incorporate into their lives and into their homes.

Our home on Queen Anne certainly showcased what good design can do for a small home. With its thoughtful storage, attractive architectural points of interest and a well designed organization and traffic flow through the house, it was turned from a house into a true home for the family that lives there. People seemed especially intrigued in the way we incorporated natural lighting to make the home warm and cheerful on an especially dark day. Further, visitors seemed to love the way the natural palate of materials and colors came together to enhance this effort.

All in all, the design demonstrates how even a small house in a dense urban area can be private, light, airy, and a joy to live in.

Queen Anne Four-Square Project Description:

This is a large, traditional turn-of-the-century box house that had suffered several remuddles over the years. Home now to a young, active family, the intention was to open up the rabbit warren of rooms to better accommodate casual entertaining and an informal, family-friendly lifestyle. An addition allowed for a big new mudroom complete with durable materials and lots of well-designed storage that provided entry into a large, open kitchen and family room. Upstairs we converted two of the four bedrooms into a master suite, with a home office nook at the top of a restored, open traditional stair case. Although these spaces are design to be hard-working and functional, artful detailing respected the tradition of the house, yet was whimsical and contemporary at the same time.

Please check out this project in our portfolio for more pictures: www.ctabuilds.com/queenanne_foursquare.html




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